What to Expect

  • Rock Solid Foundation

    You will understand exactly what SEO is, why it's important, why you have had challenges in the past, and how to achieve SEO long-term success.

  • Strategy & Planning

    I take you step-by-step through the research and planning process to make sure that you have a customized SEO plan tailored to your business.

  • Implementation

    Once you have your SEO plan in place, I take you through how to implement SEO on your website. Everything from Content creation to Optimization.

Are you a DIY-er?

Get ready to see GROWTH & show up organically in search queries

Get ready to implement SEO successfully when you follow the plan & strategy laid out in Prime SEO. Not only will you have a clear understanding of SEO, you will have the tools and resources needed to have lasting SEO growth.

You will gain knowledge in all areas of SEO including:
  • Keyword Research, Planning, and Strategy
  • Content Planning & Strategy
  • Website Optimization
  • SEO based Website Design
  • A Peek Inside the Course

    • 1


      • Welcome to Prime SEO

    • 2

      Course Syllabus

      • Course Syllabus & What to Expect

    • 3

      Directive One: The Basics

      • What is SEO, Why it's Important, What is SERP, Knowledge Graph & Ranking Factors

    • 4

      Directive Two: Preparation

      • Setting up Google Analytics

    • 5

      Directive Three: How to "do" SEO

      • SEO Hierarchy of Needs

      • Crawl Accessibility

      • Compelling Content

      • Keyword Research: Part One

      • Keyword Research: Part Two

      • Keyword Research: Part Three

      • Keyword Research: Part Four

      • Search Intent (with our Keywords)

      • Keywords: Takeaway

      • Blogging is SEO Gold!

      • User Experience

      • Links & Backlinks

      • On-page Optimization

    • 6

      Directive Four: SEO No No's

      • SEO No No's according to Google Webmaster Guidelines

    • 7

      SEO Recap & important ranking information!

      • Recap & Answering the Question "How long until I rank at the top of Google"

    • 8

      Directive Five: SEO Based Website Design

      • 9 Design Guidelines

    • 9

      Directive Six: Putting it all Together

      • Putting it all Together

    • 10

      Directive Seven: Resources & Tools

      • Resource List

    • 11

      Last Words

      • Wrap up & Thank you

    • 12

      BONUS: Recorded Webinar

      • SEO Additional Tips

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I know nothing about SEO, is this course for me?

      Yes! This course was built for YOU! We start from scratch and I make sure that you understand what SEO and how to take simple steps to begin implementing SEO strategy.

    • Will I start seeing results right away?

      Yes, BUT if anyone has ever told you there is a "quick fix" to SEO, they'd be misleading you! I want to be extremely transparent and honest with you about SEO. SEO is a long-term game and you will understand WHY by taking this course. You will begin to see significant results within months as long as you implement the content in the course! That is why it is important to start taking action on your SEO as soon as possible.

    • Do I need to buy extra SEO tools for this course?

      No! I share with you my favourite FREE SEO tools that will set you up for success.

    • I already have hired someone to do SEO for me, would this course be beneficial?

      Probably not! This course is meant for DIY-ers who want to learn and implement SEO strategies on their own! But congratulations on already investing in SEO, I can tell that you understand the importance of it!

    • Do I get life-time access?

      Yes! Once you are enrolled in Prime SEO you will have life-time access to the course! SEO does change over time, so Laurel will continue to upload relevant SEO content inside Prime SEO as time goes on!

    Your SEO Instructor

    Website Designer / Developer | SEO Expert

    Laurel Brown

    Meet Laurel, owner of LB Media.

    Laurel is paving the way in women-led tech & media companies and she believes that her strong work ethic and dedication to her craft will have lasting effects in the website design world.

    Laurel is not only passionate about websites and SEO, but also passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. Her simple yet effective approach to teaching allows her clients to easily understand and consume the information required in order to see lasting meaningful results.

    LB Media is here to take the stress out of tech, so get ready to learn and thrive with your SEO endeavors!

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